Beihang University is one of China’s best universities in science and technology. It was founded in 1952 with the merger of the aeronautical departments of eight top Chinese universities, including Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, and Xiamen University.


Today, Beihang is one of the nation’s foremost research universities supported by all national education initiatives for building first-class universities – Project 211, Project 985, Project 2011 and Double World-Class Project.


The University

President: Prof. WANG Yunpeng

Location: Beijing, China

Campus: Xueyuan Road Campus, Shahe Campus


Global Presence

200+ partners worldwide

Member of T.I.M.E (Top Industrial Managers for Europe)

Member of University Consortia (Sino-Russian, China-CEECs, ‘Belt and Road’ Aerospace Innovation Alliance etc.)


Faculty (as of September, 2022)

Faculty Members: 2,921

Academicians of CAE & CAS: 31


Enrolment (as of September, 2022)

Total: over 37,000  

Undergraduate students: over 18,000

Postgraduate students: over 18,000

International students: around 1,200



Academic schools: 32

Bachelor's programs: 77

Master's programs: 145

Doctoral programs: 108



Funding: $173,962 per faculty member research funding, ranked 1st among Chinese universities

National technological awards: 15 First Prizes (2004-2021)


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