We are very interested in furthering our global engagement and providing new opportunities for our students and staff to gain international experience in this global community.

Currently, Beihang University partners with over 200 institutions worldwide, 41% of which are based in Europe, 29% in Asia and 21% in North America. These partnerships cover faculty exchanges, student mobility workshops and conferences, joint degree programs/courses, and joint publications.                    


Exchange/double degree partners

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Joint centers, laboratories and schools

  • Air Transportation Management Joint Laboratory                                          

  • Beihang-EPFL Space Technology Initiative              

  • Beihang-KTH Centre for Wireless Communications                  

  • Beihang-KTH Joint Laboratory for Solar Energy Technology and Engineering

  • Beihang-Motorola/Freescale Education Laboratory                                          

  • Beihang-Purdue Joint Laboratory of Low-Emissions Combustion Science and Technology

  • Beihang-Purdue Joint Laboratory on Energy Systems                                          

  • Beihang-SMC Research Centre                                          

  • Beihang-TI DSP Education Laboratory                                          

  • Beihang-ULB Education and Research Centre                                          

  • Beihang-UPM Education and Research Centre                                          

  • Complexity Data Analysis Research Centre                                          

  • Confucius Institute at Kogakuin University, Japan    

  • Ericsson Mobile Cloud Computing Laboratory                                          

  • Fert Beijing Institute    

  • Heeger Beijing Institute        

  • International Joint Research Centre of Advanced Life Support Technology

  • International Research Centre for Complex Systems and Scientific-Engineering Computing                            

  • ITI-Beihang Training Centre                                          

  • Joint Laboratory of Advanced Machining Technology in Aerospace Industry                

  • Sino-Canadian Joint Centre for Social Sciences                                          

  • Sino-French Laboratory for Sciences and Engineering                                          

  • Sino-German Joint Software Institute                                          

  • Sino-Japan New Materials Research Centre                                          

  • Sino-UK Joint Laboratory on Space Science and Technology

  • Sino-French Engineer School (ECPKn)        

  • Thomas Beijing Institute    








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