To further implement the UPS Global Engagement Plan, we have carried out a wide variety of initiatives covering partnerships and mobility.

Programs run by the Office for International Faculty & Scholars

  • School-level Global Partnership Development Program        

The program supports our schools to build their own global partnerships with corresponding units at overseas institutions. The standard of grants depends on the excellence of target institutions. For instance, supported by this program, our School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering partnered with equivalent schools or labs at Columbia University, Imperial College London, UPM, Ecole Polytechnique, and UPMC, etc..

  • International Visiting Professor Program  

Our faculty can apply for funding if they invite colleagues from overseas institutions to visit Beihang for 2 weeks or a maximum of 3 months. Supported activities include joint research, lecturing, and joint supervision.              


  • Bilateral Cooperative Workshops Program  

This program is open to Beihang faculty and aimed at promoting collaboration in academic disciplines of mutual interest. The bilateral cooperative workshop can be held either at Beihang or overseas.          


Programs run by the Office for International Programs

  • Yuanhang Initiative                      

Under the Yuanhang Initiative, we promote student exchange programs, double degree programs, joint supervision, summer programs, and overseas internships, etc.. We also identify or create national/university-level scholarship opportunities for students, organize study abroad fairs and pre-departure information sessions and supervise the student organization “Yuanhang Alumni Association”.  

The association consists of two groups of enthusiastic students: Yuanhang ambassadors, previous outgoing students who volunteer to promote study-abroad opportunities among fellow students; and Yuanhang buddies, who engage in welcoming services for incoming exchange students.      


  • Beihang International Summer University  

Every year, around 15 short-term programs are held on our campus, offering a variety of choices such as lectures in English, workshops, and cultural tours. Beihang students also participant in around 50 programs held annually overseas, including our flagship Undergraduate Study Abroad Program as well as numerous summer programs organised in collaboration with partner universities.  

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